Sunday, October 16, 2011

"There is no time off, not until I am crushed by the black hand"

Store will be updated tomorrow evening. New items include two new LP releases from the Sleeping Giant Glossolalia imprint; Vaz - Catreuse Bull and Bobb Bruno - Mellowdramas along with remaining copies of Bleak Environment releases, as well as a handful of items from new Copenhagen label Endurance, Posh Isolation, Dead Section and Jartecknet. All items ordered before OCT 28 will begin shipping OCT 29.

Currently working on:

V/A -edition of 200/handmade wooden boxes/accompanying booklet/+other documenting contemporary postppunk minimal synth new wave /other.
Tollund Men - 7"
Nuit Noire - Pleine Lune
Harsh Buzz - Demo (reissue)


"But, each day I feel the darkness. Each day I feel the blackness. Each day we shovel fuel to feed the furnace. Each day I work as hard as I can."

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