Friday, August 5, 2011


current distribution list. any interest in the Polyurethane CS, it will not be available for a few more weeks. order will ship as soon as it is finished.
Bleak Environment cassette releases are $5.
Tollund Men- Demo I "Tollund Men. Sure, not even remotely punk" Total synth dirge. Main influences: Mid-period Chrome, Mid-period Cabaret Voltaire, through a sieve lens of isolationist Nurse With Wound list style minimal-synthed post punk. Alien point of view. An extraterrestrial music for an extraterrestrial people.

Xothist CS- Negative astral projections of colossal and bleak USBM. Psychic nothing.

Vocivus CS- Raw, minimal midtempo black metal (feat. member of Tollund Men)

Polyurethane II CS - Crushing, blown out industrial hate punk. Sterile, null, mass produced.



Tektone - Coconut Shithole CS (Stay Cool) $4
Lust For Youth- Solar Flare CS (JÄRTECKNET) $6
Damian Dubrovnik- The Trinity Set CS (JÄRTECKNET) $6
Hander Som Vardar- Bakatbojning CS (JÄRTECKNET) $6
Family Enema - Demo CS $4
Sump Demo I 7" (Dead Section) $8.5
Jackman- Demo 7" (Morte) $6
Electric Funeral- Make Noise Not War 7" (Detonate) $8.5
Dead Reptile Shrine - Burning Black Infinity CS(Antihumanism) $6
Dead Reptile Shrine - Isth Naraj Ja CS(Antihumanism) $6
Dead Reptile Shrine - Ntk CS(Antihumanism) $6
Generacion Suicida - Demo CS $4
Swallowed - CS (Emptiness) $6
Reptile Worship - Obeisance CS $5
Xerion - Na Busqueda Do Primixenio Demo CS (Antihumanism) $3
Inferivm - Demo 2008 CS (Antihumanism) $3

Printed Matter

HINO by Pat Keck $1
Vulture Heck by Pat Keck $2
Xnoybis Print by Pat Keck $10 (tribute to Justin Broadrick)
Giraffecula I- Free if you want it. It's fucking terrible. Don't get it. Highly recommended.

Trade offers considered
all inquiries; contact ;

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