Friday, July 29, 2011


Sleeping Giant Glossolalia dronekraut sweethearts MjolniirDXP are playing some West Coast shows with Environment backed Echo Beds.

Sterile Garden/Echo Beds split C-30 due shortly after their return home.

Other: The Negative Degree Demo is now available from Sorry State Records I recomend picking this up.

"Fucking RIPPING demo from this brand new group from Denver, Colorado. Man, this is so killer... it has that raw, undistorted guitar sound of bands like Formaldehyde Junkies and Absurdo from Spain, but the vocals are total Negative FX / 86 Mentality-style rage. The music is very raw and punk, and would almost be garage rock if it weren't for the vocals, but they push this over the edge into being totally intense and awesome. So killer... definitely one of the best demos I've heard in AGES."-ssr

will be doubling as the Negative Degree demo release show
others include
Hot White
Civilized (formerly Ego Complex)
and Tollund Men


July 31 - Albuquerque - Small Engine Gallery w/ Horsethief
August 1 - The Beach
August 2 - San Diego - Tin Can
August 3 - Los Angeles - Handbag Factory w/ Submissions(Best Coast, Goliath Bird Eater), M. Geddes Gengras(Robedoor, Pocahaunted)
August 4 - Disneyland
August 5 - San Francisco - Bleakhaus
August 6 - Oakland - 1727 Goss St. w/ Deep Teens, Slaughter High, Rind
August 7 - Red Woods Camping
August 8 - Portland - East End w/ Landmine Marathon, Excruciator, DJ Nate C
August 9 - Christmas Horse - DXPetit, Alameda
August 10 - Olympia - Le Voyeur w/ SEDAN + Total Life(Growing)
August 11 - Seattle - Highline w/ Crawlin'
August 12 - Seattle - Sureshot
August 13 - Twin Peaks
August 14 - Boise? Help!
August 15 - Grand Junction - Weird Place w/ weirdos
August 16 - Denver - Jiggawatts

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