Friday, May 20, 2011


The Hijdra live destruction ritual has been postponed due to certain circumstances making the location inaccessible. We will be scouting new subterranean locations in the coming months. This will happen. The events on the 17th of May will be marked again and again. Thanks to Nazi Dust and Volcanic Slut for making their way out and providing the circumstances necessary for the best sets yet by both Ego Complex and Negative Degree. The limited local release of the Negative Degree Demo sold out immediately. The professional dubbed release of this tape has been sent off for and will be available in the coming weeks.

Last night witnessed the first live Polyurethane performance; a disgusting display of blown out industrial noise punk by Denver's finest, as well as a haunting set by Jacob DeRaadt of Ego Complex's Sterile Garden. Upcoming releases by both will be available soon along with various distro items including the split 7" by the UK's SUMP and Denmark's Sexdrome. I will keep you posted on the coming dates. Kill something you love.

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